Have you ever shared your balloon fetish with your partner? Read more

Have you ever shared your balloon fetish with your partner?

We all have had a fear of being rejected at least once or twice in our lifes.

But when it comes to sharing the most special feelings we try to protect ourselves from then outside world by keeping it just for ourselves.

Whether you get aroused by the sound, texture or movement this is a harmless fetish that is not known by many people yet.

Look, if your partner does not accept who you are then is time to move somewhere else. Take the courage to follow your dreams and desires as long as you are not doing any harm.

Many colors  to choose from in this life.


Improve your Breathing and lung capacity with this exercise routine.

Have you ever tried to last longer holding your breath while swiming or anything like that?

Well the next exercise can help you with that as well but is really focused on strengthing the lungs in order to increase the capacity to hold more oxygen.

To start with this lung exercise we are going to grab our favorite balloon and inhale as much air as we can, then we will start blowing the balloon by exhaling all the air inside your lungs.  

This will help our bronchi to expand and get used to it so we do not want to over do it either.

The right way to do it is by blowing at least x3 12" balloons and to avoid getting dizzy we will take breaks as needed.

This exercise will help not only for your brain oxygen intake giving you more energy, but also will strwngth the lungs to expand and be able to hold more air which is a healthier life.

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Here the main 3 mistakes when making real love

When was the last time you made love?

That is right not sex but LOVE. 

Its not a lie to say we all are looking for love but in this opportunity we are talking about the kind of love with a significant other.

We might think we found it with that person we found at a bar chatting all night long and finding things in common. Or we might think we found it remotely via social media.

Here the main 3 mistakes when making real love :

1.) We doubt ourselves: We focus too much on ourselves instead of focusing all our attention on the body's sensations and feelings in the atmosphere. 

2.) We push our partner: No one likes to be pushed to do something even though it is a delicious thing.

3.) We think this can't be all perfect: After feeling the best of the best in a long time we tend to think this can't all be real and start finding excuses in small details to fuck things up. Instead accept that life is good and YES IT CAN ALL BE PERFECT just focus on the present.

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